March 09, 2016
Colleen Oberc

Eleven General Motors facilities have earned ENERGY STAR® certification for superior energy efficiency from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. These buildings, which include seven parts distribution centers, a global headquarters office and three IT innovation office centers, have optimized their buildings to leave a smaller carbon footprint.

To earn ENERGY STAR certification, buildings must perform better in energy efficiency than 75 percent of similar buildings nationwide and meet strict energy efficiency performance levels set by the EPA.

“It makes good business sense to pursue a greener product in every segment of the value chain,” said Al Hildreth, GM’s global energy manager. “This includes the areas that support our business and keep our company running optimally, like our efficient warehouses, IT centers and office buildings.”

GM leads the automotive industry in certified distribution centers. The following Customer Care and Aftersales facilities, which supply automotive parts to dealerships and customers for vehicle repair, achieved certification:

Customer Care and Aftersales World Headquarters, Grand Blanc, Michigan
Denver Parts Distribution Center, Colorado
Fontana Parts Distribution Center, California
Lansing National Parts Distribution Center, Michigan
Martinsburg Parts Distribution Center, West Virginia
Memphis ACDelco Parts Distribution Center, Tennessee
Rancho Cucamonga Parts Distribution Center, California
Willow Run Parts Distribution Center, Michigan
These facilities implemented a number of energy conservation projects. The Grand Blanc facility installed energy-efficient LED lighting, upgraded heating and cooling systems, and engaged employees in a “Bring Your Green to Work” event with local energy utilities to discuss energy-saving ideas for both the home and office.

“This recognition demonstrates the collaborative work by our employees who are focused on saving energy and improving our efficiency,” said Tim Turvey, GM Customer Care and Aftersales global vice president.

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