June 29, 2015
Brian White

Chevrolet is apparently looking to beat out the Tesla 3 with a more affordable 200-mile electric car. Currently, the General Motors company (the parent of Chevrolet) is testing a new electric prototype at its Milford Proving Ground where the GM data center—a place that is powered solely by the company’s vehicle’s recycled batteries.

Perhaps Chevrolet is in direct competition with Tesla, to release a more affordable electric vehicle, or perhaps the company is just looking to get ahead of the electric vehicle trend that is obviously on its way.

Regardless of the reason, Chevrolet plans to release the new Chevy Bolt model in 2017, a model which will be able to run for up to 200 miles per charge.

In regards to the release, General Motors North America President Alan Batey confides, “Chevrolet’s advanced EV technology is designed to simplify the lives of our consumers. With four new vehicles introduced since January, Chevrolet continues to prove its commitment.”

Furthermore, General Motors senior manager of the battery life cycle management department, says, “Even after the battery has reached the end of its useful life in a Chevrolet Volt, up to 80 per cent of its storage capacity remains.”

He also goes on to say, “This secondary use application extends its life, while delivering waste reduction and economic benefits on an industrial scale.”

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