October 09, 2020


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October 9, 2020


FCA US, Ford and GM Autos Again Dominate Kogod Made in America Auto Index


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Governor Matt Blunt, president of the American Automotive Policy Council, today highlighted the dominance of American Automakers in American University’s 2020 Kogod Made In America Auto Index.

“The research presented in the latest edition of the Kogod Made in America Auto Index reflects the commitment of American Automakers FCA US, Ford Motor Company and General Motors Company to U.S. autoworkers and manufacturers," said Governor Blunt.  "FCA US, Ford and General Motors produced the Top 4 ranked vehicles, 10 of the top 12 SUVs, 4 of the top 5 trucks, the top 2 sedans, the top 5 sports cars, and 31 of the top 50 of vehicles scored."

The three American Automakers continue to invest in both the U.S. workforce and U.S. supply chain, as well as source domestic manufacturers for parts. This effort is not only supporting American manufacturing jobs, but also creating new jobs while driving the U.S. economy

Last year, FCA, Ford and General Motors announced nearly $23 billion in capital investments in their U.S. operations.  These investments, along with the jobs they support and create, are essential to helping the economy continue to recover from the impact of the global pandemic.

The 2020 Kogod Made in American Index can be found here:


More information about the economic impact of FCA US, Ford and General Motors is available in AAPC’s 2020 Economic Contribution Report here:


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