May 13, 2015
Brent Snavely

The Dodge Viper ACR, described as the fastest Viper ever, will start at $117,895 and interested customers can start placing orders today, the automaker said.

FCA US, the company previously known as Chrysler, said last week that it would revive the Viper ACR, a performance trim level of the Viper that denotes that it is track ready. ACR is short for American Club Racer.

The 2016 Dodge Viper ACR has an 8.4-liter V10 gasoline engine rated at 645 horsepower and 600 pound feet of torque.

While the new ACR has more horsepower and torque than the model that preceded it, most of its improved performance comes from the attention to aerodynamcis and the 2,000 pounds of downforce created by its huge rear wing and front splitter.

Detroit Free Press