August 17, 2015
Henry Payne
"WAAUUUURRRGH!!" What better way to start Dream Cruise Saturday than at full opposite lock in a bellowing 707 hp Dodge Hellcat?
I climbed aboard the Detroit's premier muscle car for the first-ever "Dodge Rock City Thrill Rides" in the middle of the Dodge display in the Kroger parking lot at 13 Mile and Woodward.
Then driver Chris Ferraro – an SCCA national Trans Am champion – unleashed the 707 ponies. Kroger parking lot will never be the same. Laying black tire marks for 100 feet, we torched the mini-autocross course that Dodge has set up behind a phalanx of police barriers. Ferraro and his "Driving Experience" buddies will be here all day giving rides.
Macomb County high school pals Chris Noel, 17, Joseph Pizzo, 18, and Dominic Gyn, 16, began waiting at 5 a.m. to be the first in line (after your Detroit News speed addict, of course) for the Hellcat ride.
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