March 31, 2016
Brent Snavely

Buick is gearing up for a big marketing blitz as it prepares to launch four new or redesigned models, but don't expect the brand to back away from its self-deprecating campaign that shows people asking "Is that a Buick?"

Buick is in the middle of launching its Cascada midsize convertible and is working on new ads for the Envision midsize crossover that goes on sale this summer as well as for a redesigned LaCrosse full-size sedan this summer and its new Encore this fall.

Tony DiSalle, Buick's vice president of marketing, said the automaker's marketing campaign will evolve and change as it launches those new models.

Preserving the "Is that a Buick?" tagline is key because the campaign, which is nearly ubiquitous on weekends during college sporting events, is breaking through the advertising clutter and helping to redefine Buick, DiSalle said. Launched in the fall of 2014, the campaign has won awards from Nielsen for its effectiveness and has been praised for its honesty about the perception of the brand.

Detroit Free Press