February 09, 2017


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February 9, 2017




AAPC Statement on Japanese Prime Minister Abe's U.S. Visit


WASHINGTON, D.C. – American Automotive Policy Council President Matt Blunt today issued the following statement on Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe's visit to the United States:

"We welcome Prime Minister Abe to the United States. The U.S. automotive industry makes an unparalleled contribution to both the U.S. economy and globally, and is performing at levels not seen in decades.  This strong performance is due in large part to the world-class quality of U.S. automotive products.  Therefore, as U.S. and Japanese officials discuss the status and future of the bilateral economic and trade relationship, it is important that Japan open up its market in a meaningful way to U.S. cars and trucks.  The U.S. automotive industry supports that in any discussion of bilateral trade, enforceable rules prohibiting currency manipulation, agreement on alignment of standards, dismantling of technical barriers, and meaningful tariff phase-outs be addressed in order to enable a fair market environment for U.S. automotive companies to compete."

The American Automotive Policy Council, Inc. (AAPC) is a Washington, D.C. association that represents the common public policy interests of its member companies FCA US, Ford Motor Company and General Motors Company.