August 15, 2016
Karl Brauer

Sales of Ford’s F-Series, which includes the F-150 light duty pickup as well as the F-250 through F-550 Super Duty range, are up nearly 9 percent this year. Ford sells more F-Series trucks than any other automaker, and given the average F-Series transaction price approaches $50,000 according to Kelley Blue Book data, well, that’s a good segment to dominate. Even better for the Blue Oval’s financial picture, it attained this position before the launch of the all-new 2017 Ford F-Series Super Duty.

This is the first ground-up redesign of the F-Series Super Duty in over a decade, and it probably won’t surprise anyone to hear it followed in the footsteps of its smaller brother, the F-150. That doesn’t just mean an all-aluminum body built on a re-engineered, fully-boxed high-strength steel frame (just like the F-150), it also means utilizing the F-150′s cab structure, which has proven both roomy, comfortable and highly functional in our experience.