May 19, 2015
Patrick Rall

The 2015 Lincoln Navigator is a rarity in the modern American auto industry as one of the few big SUVs still using the truck-like body-on-frame architecture, but that relatively old school design leads to a full sized SUV that has as much interior space and as many luxury amenities as any SUV in America – while still offering truck-like capabilities that make this high class rig a serious work horse.

Back in the day, a large luxury sport utility vehicle like the 2015 Lincoln Navigator was the industry norm, but the push for lighter, more efficient large vehicles has led to the demise of almost all of the body-on-frame SUVs. As a result, there are very few big SUVs available that still rely on this hard-working chassis design so there are few options that can work as hard as the Navigator. There are even fewer that can perform as well as the Navigator in any situation while wrapping you in the warm embrace of modern luxury.

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