June 08, 2021


June 8, 2021

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AAPC Statement on Biden Administration Reports on Semiconductor Shortages


Washington, D.C. – Governor Matt Blunt, president of the American Automotive Policy Council, issued the following statement on the reports issued today by the Biden Administration following their comprehensive review of our nation’s supply chain vulnerabilities:

"We appreciate the Biden administration’s careful review of the economic impact that the current supply chain crisis is having on American manufacturers and the need for more aggressive policies that will make America’s supply chains – including the value chain for critical high-tech components like automotive-grade semiconductors – more resilient in the future.

“The ongoing semiconductor shortage has had an outsized impact on American Automakers and the hundreds of thousands of American jobs our industry supports.  American Automakers welcome and appreciate the release of the Biden administration findings.  We also thank the Biden administration for their consideration of American Automakers recommendations, including the need for improved communication, transparency and trust between semiconductor producers and their U.S. manufacturing partners.

“As evidenced by the reports issued today, the U.S. auto industry needs immediate action to address the looming semiconductor shortages.  However, we realize that the policy measures recommended today by the administration will take time to develop.  We share their longer-term commitment, and similar commitments made by policymakers on both sides of the aisle to enact critical incentives for re-shoring semiconductor manufacturing back to the U.S.  Such longer-term solutions include the new, bipartisan domestic policies that promote supply chain resiliency in the U.S. Innovation and Competition Act, which we hope will be taken up and passed by the U.S. Senate this week.”

Background: In February, President Biden signed an Executive Order on America’s Supply Chain that included a 100-day review of the global shortage of auto-grade semiconductor wafers.  AAPC provided comments and recommendations as part of this review in an effort to address semiconductor shortages.

The American Automotive Policy Council (AAPC) represents American Automakers Ford Motor Company, General Motors Company and Stellantis.  AAPC is a Washington, D.C. association representing the common public policy interests of its member companies.