July 16, 2014
Sam Mceachern

General Motors is reportedly developing an all-new 55 kW max/30 kW continuous power inverter which will find its way into future hybrid and electric vehicles released by the company, including the next-generation Chevrolet Volt. The new inverter was announced by GM’s Sean Gleason at the Department of Energy’s Annual Merritt Review in June, where he revealed they are nearly two-thirds of the way finished the $16.6 million project.

Charged EVs says work on the new inverter began in October 2011 and will conclude in January 2016. It will produce 14.1 kW/kg of specific output with 94 percent efficiency. Gleason said the inverter will also bring the cost of electronics down to $3.30 per kilowatt for every 100,000 units produced, which is crucial if GM hopes to succeed in making the new Volt cheaper than the current car.

GM Authority