October 03, 2014



10 Manufacturing Facts about the U.S. Automakers

This October 3rd, or Manufacturing Day 2014, is an opportunity to note the importance of the U.S. automakers to the United States. Through 21st century innovation, new technologies and a commitment to U.S. autoworkers Chrysler, Ford, and GM continue to drive the U.S. economy, creating tens of thousands of jobs along the way.

To show just how essential the auto industry is to the U.S., here are 10 reasons why our automakers are the heart of American manufacturing:

1. U.S. automakers employ two out of three U.S. autoworkers

2. U.S. automakers operate two out of three U.S. auto assembly plants

3. U.S. automakers and their suppliers are America’s largest manufacturing sector, responsible for 3% of America’s GDP.

4. U.S. automakers are America’s largest exporters. Over the past five years, automakers have exported more than $563 billion in vehicles and parts.

5. Because the supply chain is so large, U.S. automakers are the country’s greatest “job multiplier.”

6. U.S. automakers, their suppliers, their dealerships, and the local businesses that support them make up more than 8 million U.S. jobs, making it the largest employer in the manufacturing sector.

7. A single plant producing 200,000 vehicles each year can contribute nearly $6 billion to America’s GDP.

8. Chrysler, Ford, and GM use 60% more domestic content, per vehicle, than foreign automakers.

9. Chrysler, Ford, and GM operate more than 180 assembly plants, factories, research labs, distribution centers, and other facilities. They stretch across 31 states and 91 Congressional Districts.

10. More than 5,600 auto parts suppliers operate in the U.S. Together, they create more than 734,000 American jobs.