September 04, 2015
Jon Phillips

Ever since it released its first all-electric Focus in 2011, Ford has had a vocal technology story to share—but for car enthusiasts that story has been snoozier than a Hallmark Channel marathon. On pain medication. With a box of red wine. But now all that changes with the Shelby GT350, a car I still can’t stopping thinking about, some five days since I’ve given back the keys.

Ford’s latest halo Mustang has all the makings of a track-day superstar, and it gets there not on brute-force horsepower—which it has to the tune of 526 pissed-off ponies—but on a high-tech makeover of every system that makes a car stick to curving geometry.

Dig it: This isn’t the go-fast/turn-maybe Mustang you’ve driven before. The GT350 hunkers down and glues itself to fast corners. It rotates obediently in slow corners. And it may even make you forget that “high-performance” Mustangs still came with solid-rear axles up until model year 2014.

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