July 30, 2015

Last year was the hottest summer on record, and heat and humidity are again bearing down across the United States. Heat waves on both coasts are contributing to shattered weather records already this year, with 31 cities and towns across the country posting the hottest June temperature ever recorded. Raleigh, North Carolina, recorded highs of more than 95 degrees Fahrenheit for 12 straight days; Kingman, Arizona, tied the record number of 100-degree-plus days, with 15; and Barrow, Alaska, had the warmest June on record.

While driving to and from the office, or with your family on the weekends, your vehicle’s air conditioning is a luxury many take for granted. Ford Motor Company is helping find ways to make your A/C run more efficiently, and offering tips to keep you cool no matter where your vehicle takes you this summer.

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