August 04, 2015
Diane Krieger Spivak

Ford trucks are loaded with new features - some you never thought of, but Ford engineers did.

First and foremost there’s Ford’s new EcoBoost engine – with the highest EPA-estimated fuel economy ratings of any gas-powered light-duty pickup .

Then there’s the new Electronic Display MyView 8-inch Productivity Screen with towing information that helps hauling everything from produce to horse trailers and off-roading. MyView allows drivers to shift between tire pressure, trailer information, off-road mode and trip fuel.

The cab of the pickup truck is redefined with 170-degree swing-out rear doors in the SuperCab for ease in entry, exit, loading and unloading. The cargo volume in the first row is nearly doubled.

There’s a new Power Sliding rear window that’s a seamless piece of glass with a center section that seals tightly when closed and allows for the use of the defroster even when open. The result is improved visibility and reduced cab noise.

Even the body is new - high-strength, military-grade, aluminum alloy. Already used in aerospace, commercial transportation and other industries, it makes the truck’s body lighter, stronger and more resistant to dents, helping it tow and haul more, accelerate and stop faster, and operate more efficiently. The frame is high-strength steel.

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