July 16, 2015
Kayla Brown

Many veterans returning home have years of experience in the field but without college degrees, are unsure how to apply their skills as they look to rejoin the workforce. According to Tony Lee, publisher of CareerCast.com, most veterans are more qualified than they realize for positions ranging from software engineer to industrial engineering technician.

FCA US LLC is proud to support the men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces, both at home and abroad. The Company currently has 20 employees on active military leave. Among U.S. employees, about 312 people are currently active or inactive Reservists while 4,256 employees are veterans.

“Those who serve in the military sacrifice their lives so it’s only fitting to support them once they return,” Georgette Borrego Dulworth, Director – Diversity and Compliance, said. “FCA US continues to expand its programs and partnerships in order to provide more support for service members and their families.”