July 23, 2015
Chris Woodyard and Alisa Priddle
Ford is upping the ante in the pickup truck wars, announcing a new version of its best-selling F-150 pickup Tuesday that will have massaging seats, a 360-degree camera system, the same interior wood found on a Bentley -- and a pricetag that could hit $60,000.
The new F-150 Limited shows how the market is demanding more feature-packed pickups at prices that can easily exceed those of top luxury cars. Ford's F-150 Limited will join offerings from Fiat Chrysler's Ram truck division and a resurgent General Motors in trying to one-up the others when it comes to piling on luxury features, and adding to costs.
"The F-150 Limited sets a new bar for what discerning customers should expect in a high-end truck," said Raj Nair, a Ford group vice president, in a statement. "We're adding segment-exclusive technology, and features that improve productivity, convenience and capability with distinctive style."
The Limited is only one of a slew of luxury trucks in the Ford line, like the King Ranch and Platinum, all of which hew far from vehicle's tough image of hauling hay or concrete. But Eric Peterson, the F-150's marketing manager, says customers tend to use their trucks for both work and play. "If you're buying a high-end truck, you want to haul." And tow. Whether it's horse trailers or boats, the Limited can tow trailers of about 10,000 pounds.