May 28, 2015
Melissa Burden

General Motors Co. will offer customers both Apple CarPlay and Google's Android Auto beginning this summer as it rolls out the technology on 2016 model-year Chevrolet vehicles. The company is believed to be the first in the auto industry to launch both systems in its vehicles and says it will offer the two systems' compatibility in more models than any other carmaker.

Seven Chevy vehicles will offer both CarPlay and Android Auto when their 2016 models hit showrooms; they include the next-generation Chevrolet Cruze which debuts to the press June 24; a total of 14 Chevy models will have Apple CarPlay available upon their introduction. GM said it is working with Android Auto on other vehicles' compatibility that it hopes to add later in the 2016 model year. Buick, Cadillac and GMC vehicles also soon will get the functionality of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in the future, a spokesman said.

The Detroit News