August 07, 2015
Steven Ewing

Good news, everyone! The Ford F-150 fullsize pickup truck is getting a new sport mode for 2016. Because it needs it, or something.

"Crazy-smart Ford engineers have struck again – this time blending the sport mode feature borrowed from the all-new Mustang with the reduced weight of the all-new F-150 to deliver an engaged, dynamic driving experience with any of the four high-output, fuel-efficient powertrains available to truck customers," Ford says in its press release. In fact, the Mustang tie-in comes up a few other times. "An advanced feature of F-150's six-speed automatic transmission is its ability to match engine rpm as it downshifts in slowing for a corner. Electronics calibration for this feature comes straight out of Mustang." That's right, folks. A two-ton truck with rev-match downshifts.

The F-150's sport mode holds the transmission in the powerband, limiting upshifts during more spirited driving. "It makes Mustang come alive, and we feel it does the same thing in F-150," says one Ford engineer. Sport mode is activated by pushing the tow/haul button twice, at which time an amber "S" illuminates in the dash. We're hoping this also means that pushing the sport button in a Mustang will activate tow/haul mode.

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