July 22, 2015

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July 22, 2015
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AAPC Releases “2015 State of the U.S. Automotive Industry”

American Automakers Continue Significant Investment in the U.S. Economy


WASHINGTON, D.C. – AAPC today issued its “State of the U.S. Automotive Industry 2015”, an annual report highlighting the contributions of the American automakers to the U.S. economy, especially their role as job multipliers. This year’s report found that American automakers’ investments are contributing significantly to the revival of the economy.  The sale of vehicles manufactured by American automakers has increased by more than 58 percent since the financial crisis and their U.S. auto production has nearly doubled.  As part of this significant investment by American automakers, they have created tens of thousands of new American jobs

“What this report has found is that American automakers drive the U.S. economy and their investments are making America more competitive in a global economy, and making significant contributions to the revival of manufacturing here in America,” said Governor Matt Blunt, president of the American Automotive Policy Council.  “As the driver of American manufacturing, FCA US, Ford and General Motors employ two out of three of U.S. autoworkers. They produce more of their vehicles, buy more of their parts, and conduct more of their research and development in the U.S. than their competitors.”

Additional key findings in the “2015 State of the U.S. Automotive Industry” report:

• American automakers and their suppliers are the United States’ largest manufacturing sector, responsible for 3% of GDP—no other manufacturing sector creates as many American jobs.  A single U.S. assembly plant generates billions of dollars in economic activity each year.

• FCA, Ford and General Motors, together, invest more than $18 billion in R&D every year.  Each of them, alone, invests more in R&D than tech leaders Apple and Sony, biotech leaders Amgen and Bristol-Myers Squibb, and electronics leaders like H-P.

• FCA US, Ford and General Motors operate more than 226 assembly plants, factories, research labs, distribution centers and other facilities in 32 states.  These facilities are among the largest consumers of American iron, steel, glass, rubber and semiconductors.

• To compete in an increasingly global market, automakers continue to streamline the number of body platforms they use and are consolidating production as well as research and development.

• Automakers are America’s largest exporters. Over the past five years, automakers and their suppliers have exported more than $632 billion in vehicles and parts – approximately $118 billion more than the next largest exporting industry.


For more information on findings and to view the full report please click here.


The American Automotive Policy Council, Inc. (AAPC) is a Washington, D.C. association that represents the common public policy interests of its member companies FCA US, Ford Motor Company and General Motors Company.